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Peter: Right.

Peter: Right.

Stephen: So, yeah, it is not something which other people have actually replicated, it had been perhaps not a straightforward action to take also it’s a purpose of incorporating lots of value for the financing lovers, but additionally our financing lovers being aligned that they understand that this is where the world is going with us in terms of what the right customer experience is and I think we’re seeing with a lot of the forward thinking lenders. It is gonna a spot where customers can access this type easily of data.

You look in the UK, they’ve got mandated available APIs for switching checking account…if you start an innovative new bank checking account, appropriate, so that the globe goes like that and it is the forward thinking loan providers who will be partnering with us and actually spending early on in this type of development which can be actually needs to get dividends.

Peter: Yeah that you have, you’re going to have a very high approval rate so I imagine with the wealth of data. When you actually send it well to the loan provider, we imagine…I don’t know than it would be with one of the other just lead gen sites whether you can share, but I imagine that the approval rates are so much higher.

Stephen: Yeah, i am talking about, we can’t share the details, but we’re talking…you’re just about planning to have the rate you had already disclosed that we display as a pre-qualification offer unless there’s some additional information that a lender requires that is sort of different to what. (more…)

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